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"Salt for His Wounds"
When Eleanor's ex-husband shows up begging for a second chance, she asks her young, gorgeous next door neighbor for a favor. Mick takes advantage of the opportunity.
"Two Brothers"
A divorcée in a flashy sports car attracts the attention of two young virgin brothers visiting the "big" city of Boise.
"Starting Over"
When her pet walked out on her, she stayed away from parties because it hurt to watch other women playing with their toys. But, a friend coerces her into attending a unique event.
"If You Love Someone"
Tara leaves her husband to move in with Nathan, but he abandons her after a few months. When he returns, begging her to take him back, life and love look very different.
"Pussy Whipped "
Eric knew nothing about BDSM, but purchased a ticket to a fundraiser to help out his friends. When Miranda asks him to "play," he discovers exactly what those four letters mean.
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