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The aptly titled Dommemoir by I.G. Frederick delivers on so many levels that it defies categorization. One has to begin with the eroticism of it all, but it quickly sucks you in and envelopes you in the bondage of its spell, which is of course the best eroticism of all. Unlike so many works of erotica, Dommemoir is a character study that breathes complex and compelling life into its hero, the devastating Lady Geneviéve and the fortunate submissives who worship at her feet.

One rarely reads such a book unless one is already immersed in the culture and context of the scene, which makes this reading experience even more intense with possibilities. But even if you're not there yet, you will be after Dommemoir has infected your psyche, placing you in the delicious bondage of its dark and compelling landscape of a very different flavor of love. But love, nonetheless.

Larry Brooks, USA Today bestselling author of
Darkness Bound and Bait and Switch
as well as Story Engineering, the bestselling
writing craft book from Writer's Digest Books

Quotes from Dommemoir's Published Reviews

Dommemoir was a true eye opener. It caused me to stop and consider the other side of the coin through the eyes of the opposite sex. Men allowing women to be the dominant force in the relationship harbors such taboos in today's world. The author touched on how society views men who enjoy allowing their significant others to be in control and be subservient to another. I stopped and pondered many views that I previously thought to be un-savorable, and reconsidered them with a more open, educated mind.

from review on BDSM Book Reviews

Dommenoir provides much to think about, and has a lot of erotic scenes that should appeal to both men and women who have turned to the Internet to help them explore BDSM.

from review by TammyJo Eckhart, PhD
on Circlet Press

Slave Nicholas and Lady Geneviéve's lives are not really that different of what we might call a normal life. After reading this book I have a better understanding of how they live and have a better understanding of their lifestyle. ... I recommend this book if you have no idea what a FemDom lifestyle is and would want to see it through their eyes.

from review on Happily Ever After Reviews

Dommemoir is a well-written story of sexual expression triumphing over sexual repression and a brand of true love that could only ever be experienced within the restrictions of a BDSM relationship. For those who are already familiar with this lifestyle, Dommemoir should prove a telling tale where readers can recognise their own experiences and preconceptions as they are met and managed. For those who don't know the lifestyle but are curious to learn more, Dommemoir will give a fascinating insight to unimagined possibilities.

from review on Erotica Readers & Writers Association
by Ashley Lister, Author of SWINGERS:
True Confessions from Today's Swinging Scene
and SWINGERS: Female Confidential

To say this book is intense is an understatement. Lots of emotions are expressed and the scenes drag you into the drama. You may not like or agree with everything going on but you can feel the yearning and the desires. Because it feels like an actual personal account, you become involved in the lives portrayed and feel like you have a vested interest in the outcome. (full review at Night Owl Romance Romance)

from a Top Pick (five out of five hearts)
Night Owl Romance Romance
Book Review by Terri

For those who are curious of the lifestyle, DOMMEMOIR is an educational as well as entertaining read. For those who live the lifestyle and read for entertainment purposes, DOMMEMOIR is a celebration of the love that exists within a committed triad. Well done, I.G. Frederick!!

Five Mystique Moons. (Cosmic)
Class Five sensuality. (Raging Carnality)
from review on Mystique Books
by Brenda Thatcher, Co-Owner Mystique Books

Dommemoir is a knowledgeable, sympathetic look at the needs and desires of a dominant woman and a submissive man. ... I.G. Frederick describes the details of play sessions, piercing, branding and polyamory with skill and authority. Dommemoir is ultimately a love story, describing a full-time relationship many fantasise about but few will ever experience, but within its pages is plenty of comfort and affirmation for would-be pervs everywhere. (full review)

from a review in "Forum" magazine
by Elizabeth Coldwell, Editor

Through well-written words that echo two souls, the Lady G and Her slave nicholas, readers are escorted through a journey that many fail to explore. The core of what and who we are beyond desire, that truth of our existence and what makes us is revealed through the struggles, the trials, the losses and the triumphs recorded in this memoir. Lady G and nicholas present readers with a search for purpose and reason, the meaning in oneís existence, the ache for satisfaction and a portrayal of the courage to embrace the relief for that ache, even if itís an existence that must be protected from the vanilla world. (full review)

from a review by JAG,
professional reviewer and author
of My Secret Obsession

This book had me having to remind myself that it is a work of fiction. The characters are very real. ... It is a wickedly funny journey that left me thinking about the characters long after I finished the last page. Once I started I could not put it down.

from a review by Lora Swink on Goodreads