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I.G. Frederick has given presentations at
the Center for Sex Positive Culture,
In Other Words Women's Books and Resources,
Paradise Unbound,
the Rose City Discussion Club,
Seattle Erotic Art Festival,
Folsom Fringe.

What those who've attended I.G. Frederick's
presentations have to say about her workshops:
(quoted from evaluations)

"I was wildly impressed with (her) class."

"I think [The Art of Erotic Writing] gave
me the tools to be a better storyteller."

"appreciated being open to questions
... liked the advice"

Every budding erotica author should take
this [How Do You Go From] workshop.

I found "clarity about ways to honor
my sexual interests without
compromising my relationships."

I discovered "a reconnection
with my more sexual side."

I got "reassurance for my partner
that it's okay to be a freak."

Presentations currently available
from I.G. Frederick

Erotic Readings: Hear selections of I.G.'s erotic stories and/or poetry (variety of heat/graphic levels available). Questions about the business of publishing, the creative process, and the writing life answered.

The Art of Erotic Writing: Telling titillating tales is not difficult. Artfully writing erotic stories that capture readers and fully involve them in the entire experience requires more than just a hot sex scene. Learn from a published professional some of the ways you can draw readers into your narrative and hold their attention whether you're writing a short story or a novel.

Negotiations 101 -- Confirming Consent: Misunderstanding consent causes BDSM scenes to go bad, bottoms to believe -- sometimes rightfully -- that they've been abused, tops to feel overwhelmed. Learn effective ways to avoid abusive BDSM interactions by confirming consent through negotiations.

How Do You Go From "I have an idea for..." to "would you like to buy my book?": For those who have thought about sharing their ideas, fantasies, or experience with the world, this presentation will give an overview of the writing life. Participants will be able to ask questions specific to their own ambitions. Topics covered will include what does it takes to get published, getting paid to write, and the politics of publishing.

Write to Build your Leather Relationship: using journaling to enhance M/s communication: Communication is essential in any relationship -- even more so in a loving D/s dynamic. But, sometimes a submissive can find it difficult to express his/her feelings, frustrations, and needs to a Dominant, especially when the relationship is new. Journaling offers a very effective way to enhance D/s communication at any stage of the relationship. This presentation will discuss the advantages of journaling, how to use it effectively, and pitfalls to avoid. In addition, anecdotal evidence will show how journaling can be used to help individuals come to terms with gender confusion, sexual issues, orientation discomfort, and other concerns.

Using Power Exchange to Enhance Your Sexual Relationships: Embracing social, political, and economic equality of the sexes too often ignores the desire some people have to cede sexual control to their partners if only for an evening. Giving and accepting consensual control can be an amazing aphrodisiac whatever the genders involved. This presentation will discuss the eroticism of power exchange, how to make it part of your sexual experience, the critical requirements of consent and communication, and some physical techniques that can enhance the experience.

If you would like I.G. Frederick to speak to your group, you can contact her here.

I.G. Frederick trades words for cash, specializing in erotic and transgressive fiction and poetry since 2001. Her erotic short stories appear in Hustler Fantasies, Forum, Foreplay, and Desire Presents, as well as electronic, audio, and print anthologies. Her novels receive high praise from readers, critics, and other authors.